The journey Within (Part 3)

The 3rd ceremony started off very subtle and calm but gradually went¬†increasing throughout the night. After we formed the circle all of us holding hands under the full moon I understood the power if unity. We all need each other to progress in life and feel alive. The surge of energy within the circle was […]

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The Journey Within (Part 4)

The afternoon prior to my 4th ceremony I found myself pretty low on energy so I didn’t leave my casita¬†all day except to shower. For some reason I felt the need to lie on the floor and rest so I did. I went Into a pretty deep meditation and set my intention for that nights […]

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Life After The Journey

Well the common misconception out there is that after such a life changing experience ones life is automatically made easier. I’ve come to find out that it has actually become harder in the sense that I am now more aware of everything that is misguiding so many people in today’s world. It hurts me to […]

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