Fine line between stubbornness & ignorance

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

-Awareness is the greatest agent for change- (1)

Most of us suffer from varying degrees of stubbornness throughout our lives depending on many factors which shape our behaviors and though patterns on a daily basis. The fundamental question lies in whether our stubbornness is a by-product of our own ignorance? Everyone my interpret this concept differently but from my perspective I see they both go hand in hand. How? Well think of it as a dictator who has lost the popularity of his people, but refuses to step down from office. The person with stubbornness is driven by a fundamental resistance to being forced to do anything or experience anything against his/her will. The basic stance is, “No, I won’t, and you can’t make me.” Our fear of change is driven by our ignorance which fails to recognize that our  FEAR is nothing more than false evidence appearing real. Being able to bring our awareness to situations where we are displaying stubborn behavior could be a great window of opportunity allowing us to discover the root cause of why we behave this way and therefore move it out of our lives.


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