Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank

So a few months back I finally got to try out these crazy looking capsules known as float tanks. I was inspired to try this experience after I stumbled upon one of Joe Rogan’s videos on YouTube where he shares his perspective on what it feels like to be cut-off from all external stimuli. In today’s modern world we are constantly bombarded with information which eventually leads most of us to live in a constant state of sensory overload. When our body’s senses experience over-stimulation from the environment whether it’s through crowding, noise, mass-media, or  technology our energy is being sucked out of us leaving us tired and fatigued. That being said I will share a few insights on what my experience was like.

Zero Gravity A feeling of weightlessness due to the large amounts of Epson salt put in the water making you float effortlessly. It’s a very unique feeling because our bodies are constantly bound to earth by gravity, therefore the sensation allows your body to become extremely relaxed. If you have a stressful job or if you’re an athlete I would definitely suggest you give it a try. After I got out of the tank I felt a huge relief in muscle soreness I had from working out the day before and also a natural euphoric high that lasted two days after the session was over.

introspection Apart from all the physical benefits that come with floating, there is one thing about this piece of equipment that makes the experience worth while. Being in the tank allowed me to dive deep within my consciousness which helped me let go of some unconscious habits I was doing that where not serving me. Being able to explore your inner space in this way is something that comes with many years of meditation practice but the tank can be used as a tool to reach these states easier and without substances.

In a nut shell I would describe the experience as a blissful treatment that helps quiet the mind and reconnect with yourself. Here is the video that lead me to want to try floating..enjoy!



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