The start of a journey within (Intro)

Hello everyone my name is Juan Pablo Correa. Who I really am is beyond what words can express and beyond all labels and titles. I’ve created this blog to share some of my experiences and insights on one of my life’s greatest experiences. So I recently came back from Tarapoto, Peru a few months ago after doing a master plant dieta(diet) and working with Ayahuasca, and other medicinal plants. For those of you who might not know Ayahuasca is a sacred plant brew that has been used by indigenous Amazonian cultures for thousands of years primarily for healing and connecting with the Divine Spirit(God, source, creator) . Working with these plant medicines is an intense process that almost always has a highly transformational experience that can facilitate deep healing on all levels of your being including  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That being said I feel inclined to share with you some of my insights and teachings I received while working with Mother Ayahuasca and throughout my stay in Peru. I decided to share these Insights with the intention to inspire other people to realize their true power and open minds to new ways of seeing, interacting and living in this constantly evolving planet.
Much love to all!
P.S. Next post I will be sharing insights from my first Ayahuasca ceremony so stay tuned!

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