The journey Within (Part 3)

The 3rd ceremony started off very subtle and calm but gradually went increasing throughout the night. After we formed the circle all of us holding hands under the full moon I understood the power if unity. We all need each other to progress in life and feel alive. The surge of energy within the circle was electric and was almost to intense for me but I kept breathing and kept cool. After we disconnected I was contemplating to take more medicine (ayahuasca) because I felt that I could go deeper but once  again mother ayahuasca told me not to jump to conclusions and just be patient. When we came up to the Maloka is when it started getting really intense. I met one of my angel guides who was reminding me of my strengths and actions I needed to take to live my life the way I intended to. I was shown a clear visual of all my organs inside and was shown that I have a very powerful heart. V12 as a matter of fact, and all my organs looked very clean except for my lungs which I don’t remember seeing.

I also was able to communicate with other alien entities that where friendly and had good intentions to help the human race but our government was holding them off because they would rather stay in control. That is why they haven’t manifested themselves in form yet, so it is or our job/duty as a generation to act against this before its too late.

Again I tried to focus a lot on disidentifying from the mind but it was very difficult because I had been taken so deep into the trip. I also found out it is very necessary to protect yourself when it comes to working with spirit plants because you are coming into unknown territory that you are totally unfamiliar with. Therefore you cannot have the luxury of saying that there is no need for protection. Just like there are light beings that want to help you there are also dark beings that can harm you in many ways.
Despite going through some rough sensations I always found myself thankful for so many teachings that I have been shown through this medicine. Teachings that cannot be learned in University or school but instead can only be felt/seen. They can only be understood by the person having the experience. One of the most important lessons I learned was to not get frustrated when trying to remember every insight. Letting go of this attachment lead me to intuitively know that all these teachings have been stored in the files of my subconscious mind and will come about whenever they are needed.

3 thoughts on “The journey Within (Part 3)

  1. I love reading this
    plz keep on posting and sharing your experience
    I was wondering if you would know if ayahuasca can somehow help with social anxiety


    1. Thanks for your feedback Andrew:)If you work with Ayahuasca and have the intention of relieving your social anxiety I believe it would help a lot. It will most likely bring it into awareness and show you ways you can manage it better


  2. Humans have been using many methods to find new perspectives and connections and break away from the current paradigm to better understand the greater world around them. Profound insight is often fining a new way to connect or reconcile previously unrelated or opposed concepts or notions. This journey is really a major part of being humanity. Nice job!


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