The Journey Within (Part 4)

The afternoon prior to my 4th ceremony I found myself pretty low on energy so I didn’t leave my casita all day except to shower. For some reason I felt the need to lie on the floor and rest so I did. I went Into a pretty deep meditation and set my intention for that nights upcoming ceremony. My intention was to face my fears so I can live a life without limits. In other words going into the darkness and coming out the other side. Hopefully. It is definitely easier said than done, but as I laid there I opened my eyes and noticed something hanging on the side of the screen right next to my bed. I couldn’t really tell what it was at first and I found it very odd that I hadn’t noticed it before so I stood up to take a closer look. It was a fucking bat! I felt pretty scared so I slowly made my way to the door to grab something to throw at it. I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice to do so but I gathered some candles out of fear and chucked them at it so it would leave. That didn’t work so I crept outside very slowly and found a handy bamboo stick right outside my casita. How convenient..I did not want to hurt it just grab its attention so it could leave. I poked the bat from the outside of the screen and it instantly took off flying into the jungle. I felt very relieved after but was unsure if it would have been better to let it stay and  leave on its own. The moral I got out of this situation was that the bat symbolized my fear and how I dealt with that fear was fundamentally how I would face every other fear that might come up in my life. Its crazy how nature and God talk to you through these kind of things and I was glad I was conscious enough to understand the message being given to me.

4th Ceremony insights:

1. Incredible love for mother earth. She literally is a mother and we must do everything possible to protect her.

2. So thankful for all the sacrifices and investments my dad has made in me. For being such a great example of a father by teaching me through example and actions.

3. Life is all about taking risks. Take the plunge. The rewards are far greater than the risks appear to be. Its all an illusion anyway:)

4. Eyes are the windows of the soul. The importance of eye contact to make deep connections with people around us. Also very important how we project our voice and watch our tone when we say things as well as knowing how to communicate well through gestures and body language.

5. Envision what you want not what you don’t want..obvious. Visualizing is great but I found its better to be present instead of visualizing a situation because then your mind is projecting the way it will turn out based on the person “you think you are”. Or in other words your ego will be the one handling the situation and not your core self.

6. As original as it may sound I went into what people call “The light”.  It was the most peace and bliss I’ve ever felt and it was astonishingly beautiful. 

7. Kundalini awakening: Chakras never felt so present that night and they felt as if they were aligned and flowing with intense energy.

8. Had visions of pyramids and a lot of eyes resembling some Egyptian hieroglyphics or intelligence far greater than our own.

9. Saw myself sharing my abundance with a lot of people. Eventually bringing a lot of my close friends/family to the jungle to have the experience.

10. Life is all about sharing moments/experiences with awesome people.

11. Laughter is the best medicine. Loving yourself 100% is the way to go because it increases your vibration and lest your light shine brighter than ever.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Within (Part 4)

  1. I wonder how people with naturally high levels of self-produced DMT experience the world and how they are perceived and treated by others and society in general? Can they even be classified or described? What affect have they had on others close to them and society as a whole?


    1. Clay, I would imagine it hard to function in society depending on the degree of DMT they are producing. I am guessing a lot of people that we call crazy and therefore are put in mental hospitals might be low key geniuses. Our inability to accept them for seeing the world from a different perspective may be hindering our progress to understanding our reality and its mysteries.


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