Life After The Journey

Well the common misconception out there is that after such a life changing experience ones life is automatically made easier. I’ve come to find out that it has actually become harder in the sense that I am now more aware of everything that is misguiding so many people in today’s world. It hurts me to see some people so asleep and unconscious but everyone is living their own process and I cannot force anything upon anyone. Every person is evolving at their own pace and they will eventually wake up. Whether its in this life or in their next lives each one of us goes through a process of spiritual ascension. Even though I received a lot of amazing insights through my experience life hasn’t  been all rainbows and unicorns since I’ve come back.

Me being a college student/athlete still has been a huge challenge after coming back from Peru. I am no longer interested in the things most other college students are. I no longer enjoy going out to local clubs and bars and getting shit faced and waking up the next morning feeling like crap. My interests have greatly shifted since and I my circle of friends has gotten smaller and more focused on quality instead of quantity. My perspective and the way I look at everything has changed so much that I often find myself questioning why I’m still in school. Its been tough knowing that I want to pursue other passions that I actually enjoy like traveling, teaching, starting a business but I am stuck in this false system that only teaches me theory and how to regurgitate information.Even though it feels as if I am taking two steps back at times I’ve come to realize that this situation is a test of patience and letting go of where my ego thinks I should be at the time. Everything is in divine order and as it should be right now. Trusting the process and staying present is the only way to stay sane and be happy. The overall take away from these teachings is that you have to put them into practice. It’s about taking that new information down to earth level. Here are a few insights of people who have shared their unique experience as well..

“The ayahuasca is not going to cure your depression,” says De Loenen. “It is you that is going to solve it. But the ayahuasca is going to provide and facilitate this eagle’s eye view that gives you new information about where it comes from, where you are situated in life. And that’s what’s going to give you the tools and insights to later on integrate that and make steps and improvement in daily life.”

“Ayahuasca does not fix the problem, it shines the light on it, and it is still up to each individual to make the changes in their own life. This is why, although many people have “life changing” experiences during ceremony, too few really see lasting effects or deep healing”.


2 thoughts on “Life After The Journey

  1. I so feel you! Integration while being back “home” has had more downs than ups, but I know it’s all part of the process. Love all your posts, and look forward to hearing more.


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